6.07.17 – 11.56

fear creeps in around the edges
consumes me in quiet dark
chronic, incessant
cresting waves of panic
fade into daylight


5.30.17 – 23.18

pearl-white moonlight
and gray clouds
shine still in the reflection
of an owl’s eyes
inflicting drowsy
heavy-lidded children
with nervous dreams
and pierce the night
with an eerie quiet calm


10.14.14 – 19.32

this bass and these drumbeats
tear wider
this chasm in my heart

like the clangor of church bells
on grey, cloud-covered afternoons
or the machine-gun rattle
of aircraft overhead

this is the kind of hatred
that runs you
right over the precipice

10.02.14 – 16.39

i am caught at the crest of knowing
like being paralyzed by height
at the ledge of a cliff
overlooking the sea

it would be so simple and thoughtless to just
throw myself at oblivion
as if it would catch me, take hold,
and bring me back home into itself