4.19.10 – 20.01

often, i lose myself
to the vectored clench within my chest,
and for a moment,
the rest of the world disappears within shrouds of preternatural nihilism.

and sometimes,
when the nothingness grows too loud for my languished lungs to envelop,
i forget where i am,
and i forget the moment.

my thoughts tumble violently down the steps,
and before i can recollect them, clumsily,
i become displaced in time, and i am… reduced
to a numbingly petrified child, lost to the all-existing and -existent.

stricken with confused isolation,
a fleeting shiver of panic trembles to my frosted fingertips…
until a passing recognition returns me to where i was
just as quickly as space had stolen me.

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