7.01.10 – 4.47

upon uncommonly cool summer eves,
the spritely breeze beckons fireflies
from their clever hiding spaces,
the same way the moon beckons the stars at night.
zooming past cracked car windows
like miniature meteors and falling stars,
the nightly atmosphere becomes so densely packed with lights
that, at any other moment, become lost to our earthly senses.


8 Replies to “7.01.10 – 4.47”

    … This reminds me of a poem I wrote a few days .. It’s on my blog, and it’s titled ‘Of nights and warriors’. The night lights sure have a way of playing right into our hearts and senses… and your poem captures it so well!!!

  2. wonderful poem…i love fireflies so your imagery speaks to my inner naturalist…so much we miss with our senses when we are not paying attention to it or if it is not obvious…good stuff.

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