7.05.10 – 19.49

i caught the smile on your lips
as your face turned away from my direction.
my eyes flashed constantly towards you
(to return your gesture),
and i was silent
but uninhibited.

i wanted to tell the man sitting beside you that
no, i wasn’t staring at him
(i was staring at you), so
stop thinking that my smiles are for you, but

you never met my gaze. and i wondered
if you were just shy…
or modest.
or if the momentary smile on your lips
had been only mere coincidence or, very simply,
(and more likely) only my imagination…

my eyes remained fixed
at the center of your back,
on the point between your shoulder blades,
as you stepped off the train.

lamenting that our stop was next
and asking why, instead,
i couldn’t entertain the thought of one smile
for one station longer.


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