8.20.10 – 9.09

satins and silks
of sounds surround us
and become the fabric of feathered clouds
suffocating and lead-laden

trapped within
the whites of our eyes
our pupils dilate and render
us blind and lethargic with weight

as dandelions toss me about
my weakly deteriorating senses
a kiss travels through currents across
my listless exhausted frame

8.09.10 – 21.14

snow fell into the shadows
of a gargoyle’s wing
as sunlight reflected off its eyes
and tried to weave golden threads
into the shells of sleeping snails


8.05.10 – 23.14

as affection fed
from the darkness of our souls,
it hid in the shadows
of wilting trees, bookshelves,
leaves, and lampposts.

the world, attached to taut
yet heavy strings,
melded into butterfly-like gravity,
embossed in the molecules
of our water lips and liquid appendages.