12.27.10 – 3.46

jealousy pours a numbing path
of unapologetic bias and blindness
upon our swollen shrunken heads,
feeding the capricious fires that lift
like smoke and silk
from our limbs and from our shoulders.
brimming with boundless contempt,
we are forced to swallow our filthy pride,
but we still bleed
for those we can’t help but love.

12.24.10 – 1.07

in a broken barn,
statues of doves litter beams
and splintered floorboards,

but one sparrow, wise,
lights upon a waterfall
and does not falter.

hills like overturned
bowls crowd the distant landscape,
bare and abandoned.

cold, unending; a
symbol of winter passing
sits in the budding of trees.