2.25.11 – 2.45

have faith in the waves of amazement
that spring will bring forth to our spirits
the windows to our destinations do not
present themselves so clearly
to their seekers nor in circles or contexts
of simple reading and writing


2.25.11 – 1.42

when i watch the moonlight leak
through cracks in the blinds and shutters
and i feel the heat rise like fog
up my shoulders and spine

that buzzing at my temples and
that sigh stuck at my throat
that slides down my tongue and
filters through my lips

is you. and can only be you.

2.14.11 – 00.01

our bodies melt away with the perfect stains
that linger on our sheets and covers
while my fingers still taste the silk of your skin
like milk-molten candy and liquidated stars

my heart dissolves
into slowly