8.07.12 – 12.18

was it possible?
for me to have fallen in love with you
for just one night.

like an insect trapped in resin,
the perfection could only last the moment,
lest all the beauty fall away.

8.06.12 – 23.29

insincere flattery and hypothetical promises,
you said you’d wish
for nothing more
than to have me. just tonight.

your voice, like smoke and honey,
linger on my skin and on my lips.
in all your inebriated cynicism, you were
beyond beautiful.

8.05.12 – 23.25

i will not yield
to your stories or your smiles
your half-truths, compliments, or confessions

wrap your arms around my waist
and your whispers around my neck
but whatever you do, you will not have
my heart