10.01.14 – 13.40

i drank the sunlight
from the sky so that the wind
could filter through me

i knew not that it
would bilge and billow into
clouds beneath my feet

perched on golden peaks
of whipped sunbeams, i burrowed
through sepia skies

little did i know,
they would reject me, cast me
to the earth below


12.24.10 – 1.07

in a broken barn,
statues of doves litter beams
and splintered floorboards,

but one sparrow, wise,
lights upon a waterfall
and does not falter.

hills like overturned
bowls crowd the distant landscape,
bare and abandoned.

cold, unending; a
symbol of winter passing
sits in the budding of trees.


5.26.10 – 1.40

like the darkened mist
of pre-dawn, i linger for
the unlikely rain,

and i find that my
passions, like the moon, can be
plucked – heartlessly – like

a blemished pearl from
blackened, futilely stained
fields of broken clouds.


4.15.10 – 19.59

on top a summered
elm, perched a small and soft-songed
swallow that sung just

as it could twitter,
melodic and full of joy.
burrowed beneath my

flightless bones laid an
envy of small and soft-songed
birds that could fly just

as well as they could
sing, yet seated in a glade
was i, who could not

sing – was i, who could
not fly or call to other
birds for care or for

company. was i,
who sat alone and could not,
but wanted to, love.


3.25.10 – 1.22

vacant thoughts flood her
with such storm, such emptiness.
it makes her so light

she is whisked away
by a wind so fervent, it
casually slips

into her loose grasp
until its fluidity
coaxes it shyly

from her fingertips.
whimsically suspended from
the clouds, she whispers

desperately “please
set me down from this high place.
i can’t see the ground,”

yet, unwittingly,
the impatient wind renders
her words unheeded.